Send scheduled reminders over SMS to anyone.


The platform that Ohdontforget runs on top of; plus, custom development and SMS integration.


A collection of videos, showing you the interiors of third-wave coffee shops around the world.


Sad travel pictures. Needs some work; currently more lame than sad.

Recess paging system

Open-sourced the web piece (Rails 2.3.4, and that's upgraded) of our SMS-enabled paging system - a restaurant, doctor's office, whoever, would send you a reminder when, say, your table was ready. No more queuing!


SMS gateway based on Ruby-SMPP.


Open-sourced our street sweeping reminder tool. Used to run this in Columbus, Ohio and on behalf of the City of Chicago, as a free service. Consists of two pieces, the Rails admin side, with a calendar-based scheduler that integrates with our SMS API, and the Wordpress customer-facing piece.


Open-sourced proof of concept for nurses and doctors to anonymously communicate with potential patients. The patient would send in a text, while the nurse would communicate from a web-based chat UI.


Phone number normalization and formatting for SMS delivery.

NPA (Number Planning Area)

Numbering Plan Area assignments for NANP (North American Numbering Plan).


Open source Rails-oriented tool for setting up metered billing and other complex pricing mechanisms.


Open-sourced text to screen SMS application. We used to "projection bombing" with it.


Automatically sends users an email and SMS when they text in their email address.

Recess Mobile static site

A static corporate site for Recess Mobile.


Real estate search over SMS, created around 2007. I'll have to write a blog post about this; it was an interesting one.

Client projects

I helped others get things shipped.